How do I call Japan Airlines in the Philippines?

How do I call Japan Airlines in the Philippines?

Japan Airlines is one of the popular international airlines. It is very clear from the name itself that it is the country's flag carrier. It is headquartered at Shinagawa in Tokyo. Along with the finest onboard services, its customer service experience is seamless and satisfactory. If you are in the Philippines and facing any difficulty with the airline, you must be thinking how to call Japan Airlines in Philippines? You can easily reach out to its customer service and get help. The ways to contact it are discussed below. You should carefully go through the article to know the contact process in a well-detailed manner.

What is Japan Airlines Philippines phone number?

The simplest way to reach out to customer service is to call them. Calling gives you the satisfaction of talking to a live person and also provides instant help. When you need help, you can call Japan Airlines phone Philippines number, +63 02-8403-2763. When you dial the mentioned phone number, you will get to hear an IVR menu. The options for the IVR are listed below.

  • Press 1 for a new reservation.
  • Press 2 to cancel a reservation.
  • Press 3 for baggage information.
  • Press 4 to request special assistance.
  • Press 5 to talk directly to an executive.
  • Press 6 to listen to the menu again.

You should choose the correct option from the IVR menu and accordingly press the key. After this, your call will be forwarded to the correct department of customer service. 

Different mediums to get in contact with Japan Airlines at Philippines

There are other methods also through which you can contact the customer service of Japan Airlines. These methods are as helpful as calling Japan Airlines customer service phone number Philippines. These methods provide easy assistance and immediate response. Read the methods mentioned below.

Through live chat: Another way to connect with Japan Airlines customer service is to use their live chat option. Live chat allows you to get instant replies and solutions. It is useful when you do not or are not able to talk to a live agent. You can find the live chat on the help page of the official website, You should click the ‘chat’ button to get through live chat.

Through an email: The other way to reach out to the airline’s customer service team is to send an email. It has an email where it addresses the grievances and complaints of customers. You should compose an email, write your issue and send it to The airline usually replies to its emails within 24 to 48 hours.

Through social media platforms: Another method to contact Japan Airlines is to follow it on social media platforms. Its social media handles are as follows:



Things to remember while calling Japan Airlines

Call at the best time: You should call the number at the best time in order to get help. The helpline numbers are generally free and easily reachable during early morning hours. 

Dial the correct number: Before making the call, make sure that you have dialed the correct phone number. Dialing the wrong number can lead to call failures. 

Provide the correct details: When you connect with the executive, you will be asked a few questions. Ensure that you provide the correct details in order to avoid any discrepancies. 

Choose the correct IVR option: You should press the appropriate key after listening to the IVR menu options. This ensures that you connect with the right customer service department. 

Explain your query well: After connecting with an executive, you should explain your issue or query in detail so that the executive understands your issue and provides the best possible solution.

By reading the above article, you can get the contact information of Japan Airlines. Along with the information, the procedure is also discussed. The airline provides immediate assistance to its customers. 

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