how do I complain to AirAsia

how do I complain to AirAsia

Get a guide for how can I complain to AirAsia?

Passengers sometimes face problems or issues while booking a reservation with Air Asia. These problems might be severe or important, which need quick resolution. In search of support and solution to these problems, passengers often search for how do I complain to Air Asia or the ways to contact Air Asia. There are different options through which passengers can connect or complain to Air Asia, like through phone numbers, live chats, social media, and emails.

Different options to complain to Air Asia

Phone number- Air Asia has several customer care executives who listen to the complaints and find a solution to them. Passengers can get the answer for how do I complain to Air Asia by connecting through these numbers.

  • Search for the phone numbers under the contact us section on the official website of Air Asia.
  • Dial the number on your phone and select your preferred number with the IVR.
  • Press the number through which either you can register your complaint or through which you can connect to the executives for complaint.
  • Wait for the executives to find the solution to your complaint.

Live chats- Passengers can also register their complain through the text or live chat option available on the official website of Air Asia. This live chat provides you the facility to text you're complaint to Air Asia. Passengers also use these chat options when the phone numbers are not reachable or available.

Social media- Social media platforms work efficiently to file a complaint to Air Asia. Passengers search for queries related to Air Asia through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. These sites provide the passenger to connect the complaint box of Air Asia.

Contact form- Air Asia also provides a complaint form through which passengers can know how do I complain to Air Asia by filling this form with all the details. This form enables the passenger to submit their complaint to Air Asia. Various options are available on the form to choose from. However, if the passenger has some other complaint, they can mention it in the other options available in the form.

Email- On the official website of Air Asia, an email id is mentioned under the contact us section through which passengers can submit their complaints. With the use of email, passengers can write their complaints in detail and also expect a response in a brief time.

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