Cathay Pacific seat selection

Traveling to your selected place in a comfortable seat will help you to make the trip more enjoyable. Most airlines give you multiple seat options, and Cathay Pacific is one of them. While traveling with Cathay Pacific Airlines, you will get different services such as special assistance for disabled passengers, extra baggage allowance, flight reservations with miles, etc. Before making the Cathay Pacific seat selection, if you want details about its policies, charges, options for selection of seats, etc., then by reading below, you will get complete details.

How Can you choose seats on Cathay Pacific?

Cathay Pacific provides multiple modes to select seats in your bookings. If you need to learn about these online and offline modes of seat selection, then through the below, you will get complete details.

Use official website: You can use the official website of Cathay Pacific Airlines, and because this is an online mode you can make the seat selection whenever you want. To select seats using Cathay Pacific Airlines website, you have to follow the below points.

  • Navigate the website of Cathay Pacific and locate the manage booking page. 
  • Following this, provide your last name/ surname and booking reference numbers.
  • Further, you need to open the section of seat section and then make the selection of that seat which is vacant. 
  • In the next step, save the changes, and within a few moments, you will get an email about selecting the seat. 

Contact the representative: To make the seat selection, you can also get assistance from the representatives, and to get help, the fastest mode is call. The representative joining the call will also guide you about the airline's policies, seat selection fees, etc. If you want to communicate on call, dial 1 (833) 933-2244 and choose the language you want to join the call. Then, from the IVR's instructions, select which suits your issues and get proper guidance.

At the airport: Passengers can make the Cathay Pacific seat selection by reaching the airport counter. They have to visit the airport and provide the booking details to the representatives with the original documents. Then the representative available there will allot the seats from the vacant options.

Cathay Pacific Seat selection policy

Having the seat selection policy details is essential as it will guide you in such a manner that you easily make the seat selection. If you want to know the Cathay Pacific seat selection details, then reading below, you will know it.

  • The seat selection is free at Cathay Pacific only if the passenger selects it within 24 hours of reservation; after surpassing the free seat selection window, they will need to pay the charges. 
  • Aviation will not allot a seat near the emergency exit or front row in the cabin to those passengers who are physically disabled. 
  • Only those seats can be selected by the passengers who are vacant. The passengers can choose not the nonvacant or red-marked seats. 
  • You can make the free Cathay Pacific seat selection if you have any medical issues, but you have to show the health-related documents from the certified institute. 
  • If the traveler cannot select the seat on time, then airlines will automatically allot the seats, and if they want to modify that seat, then charges are applicable. 
  • If any passenger has a disability, they can only select a seat at the airport by visiting the Cathay Pacific counter.

What is the preferred seating on Cathay Pacific?

The preferred seating is that portion of the seats located in the economy cabin front row; in this seat type, passengers will get normal legroom space with few services like Wifi, food, etc. In the preferred seating, aviation will not allot seats to disabled passengers, pregnant women, infants, etc.

How to get free seat selection on Cathay Pacific?

You can make the Cathay Pacific seat selection for free only if you select the seat within 24 hours of successful reservation or if you are a member of the Advantage program. Free seat selection is also allowed by Cathay Pacific for physically disabled passengers, but they have to show health-related documents.

How much is a Cathay Pacific seat selection fee?

The amount for the seat selection on the Cathay Pacific will vary as per your class of bookings. Still, the seat selection fee starts from 100 USD to 220 USD. The amount will change if the flight is going to any international destination. 

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