How Can we reschedule flight tickets GoAir?

How Can we reschedule flight tickets GoAir?

When you have made the reservation with the GoAir flight, but the cause of your traveling has been changed as a consequence, if you get to reschedule your flight. Then do not worry about that because here, you might get answers to the question that can be faced while rescheduling a flight on GoAir. And those details you can locate by subheadings.

Yes, you can reschedule your flight ticket on GoAir. And now on, you can bypass the query such as Can we reschedule flight tickets GoAir? Furthermore, to reschedule the flight, you can call customer service on 1800 2100 999, or online, you can rearrange your flight ticket. And the steps for the online process are as follows:-

  • Open GoAir's official website 
  • Then click on the plan my trip option and select manage booking options
  • After that, enter the PNR number with the passenger's surname or email address
  • Further, click on the edit option
  • And then, select the date and click on the continue option.
  • Now, the payment tab opens, and if there is a cost for rescheduling, make the payment; click on the finish icon.
  • Afterward, you can get the confirmation number in your email and phone numbers.

What are the charges for rescheduling GoAir flight?

When you wish to reschedule your flight ticket on GoAir, then under certain situations, you can conduct it for free in a certain situation; you also get to pay for that. And the answer for that is you can get here and avoid the query such as What are the charges for rescheduling GoAir flight? So the cost of rescheduling would be around. INR 3000 or the fare difference. The airline charge for any of those is lower. If you need the exact value of the fee, then you get help from the customer service team and have a resolution.

 How can I change my flight without paying a fee?  

Yes, you can change GoAir flights without paying but not in every condition. There might be circumstances under that, according to your fare rules. And if you have a question or query such as How can I change my flight without paying a fee? Then relax that, you can get aware of its policy, and by complying with that, you can change your flight. And the policy is as follows:-

  • You can make changes in your flights within 24 hours of booking, and if your booking has been conducted for more than seven days, you can change your flight for free.
  • But when this period expires, you get charged with the change fee according to the rule applied to your fare.
  • If your original flight has been canceled and after that, if you change your flight, then you might not have to pay any penalty.
  • When your flight gets delayed by two hours or has been preponed 60 minutes earlier, you can reschedule your flight on the same day or four days prior to the original departure date. You don't have to pay any additional fee, and if there is any fare difference, you might have to pay those.
  • The airline has the right to reschedule your flight if there are riots, strikes, or government orders. And if you wish to change the flight, for this reason, you might have to pay the change fee.
  • If you have a medical emergency or sickness and for that if you are changing your flight, then also airline does not charge a change fee, but you might have to send the relevant documents to the airline.
  • If you have conducted your booking with the travel agent, then for flight change, you get to communicate with them.
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