How Can I select seats on Turkish Airlines?

Passengers traveling with Turkish Airlines always get all the possible services and assistance from the time of reservation only. They can proceed with the add-ons and customize their booking at their convenience. The travelers even get the option to proceed with the Turkish Airlines seat selection from the time they process the booking to the time they reach their desired destination. The seat selection is available on booking any ticket type, but it can be free if you have made the reservation under miles and smiles membership. 

Turkish Airlines seat selection

The passengers are allowed to select their seat anytime, even when they proceed to make the booking of their flight ticket or after that before the check-in or scheduled flight departure. They even have the option to proceed with the seat selection process at the time of check-in through the official website or even at the airport check-in desk.  

How can I choose my seat with online check-in Turkish Airlines?

The passengers can proceed to select their seats in many ways, and people often have a question: Can I choose a seat during online check-in? Well, the answer to this question is affirmative. The passengers are allowed to proceed with the seat selection online, and the process that needs to be followed is mentioned here for you as follows.

  • If you want to reserve your seat after you've booked your ticket, you must go to the airline's webpage and navigate to the 'Manage Booking' area. 
  • To proceed, input the credentials, such as the PNR number and last name, after you reach the 'Manage Booking' area. 
  • When you arrive at the available flight page, choose the flight you have made a reservation.
  • Go to the 'change' option and then choose seats on Turkish Airlines from the seat selection map.
  • Choose your favorite seat from the available seats in your aircraft class. 
  • After selecting seats, you must go to the checkout page and pay for your ticket.
  • You will get an email confirmation once the seat selection procedure is complete.

How to proceed to seat selection offline?

Travelers can connect with the Turkish Airlines seat selection by asking the customer service agent at the airport check-in desk. They will proceed with the check-in and show you the seat map so you can proceed with the seat selection as per your preference and pay for the same.

What is the Turkish Airlines seat selection fee?

The seat selection charges with Turkish Airlines depend upon the flight class in which you have made the reservation of your flight ticket. They even get to book their seat for free if they have booked under miles and Smile membership. However, the average seat selection charges start from $10- $30 per seat according to the flight class they have made the reservation.

What is the Turkish Airlines seat selection policy?

Various guidelines, terms, and conditions have been included in the Turkish Airlines seat selection policy. You have to go through all these guidelines and enlighten yourself about the same to avoid all the difficulties that might get in your way during the seat selection process:

  • The seat selection procedure can occur only after booking your flight ticket at Turkish Airlines.
  • The airline will assign the seats; you must pay the seat selection charges if you want to choose your desired seat.
  • If you have booked your ticket from business or first class, you are not required to pay the seat selection charges at the airline.
  • All the Frequent Flyer Programmes of the Airline are free from the seat selection charges.
  • You can use your miles, and collect vouchers or coupons to select a seat at Turkish Airlines.
  • The seat selection can be done in the same class you booked your flight ticket. If you change the class, it will be taken as the flight change, which has different charges and takes different procedures.
  • While selecting your Turkish Airlines seat, you cannot upgrade it.
  • The seat assignments given by the Airlines can be changed at any time without any prior notice.
  • The online seat selection cannot be done for passengers who are physically or visually impaired, have done group booking, for senior citizens, children traveling alone, etc. They have to get to the Airport for the seat selection.
  • Seat selection is allowed on all International and Domestic flights at Turkish Airlines.

If you have any health issues, are physically or visually not abled, are traveling with children, or are pregnant. You cannot have a seat near the emergency exit because of some safety issues.

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