How can I rebook my flight to ANA?

How can I rebook my flight to ANA?

Many plans are made, and many plans are canceled according to the convenience of the passengers. ANA is one of the best airlines working worldwide, and it does not want to face any inconvenience to its passengers. If any plan is refurbished from the passenger's end, they get a query in their mind about whether I can rebook ANA flight. For this option, they have made various terms and conditions which is very helpful. This airline has many things to offer their passengers, which will stick them to the respective airlines. The customer service team of this airline works on the basic ground level, which helps resolve the passenger's queries immediately with the best possible outcome.

Experts will resolve queries through the chat box available on the official webpage, and the query of whether can I rebook my flight in ANA will be resolved by calling the ANA rebooking number +81-3-4332-6868. It will direct you to one of our customer support executives.

ANA Airlines Rebooking options

  • According to ANA flight booking policy, passengers can change their flight tickets within twenty-four hours of the ticket purchase.
  • They must book the tickets at least seven days before the flight's departure date.
  • If the passenger changes within a given time frame, they would not have to pay any fees.

ANA Airlines Rebooking Process

  • You have to visit the official website of the ANA airlines
  • You will find my trip option there. Click on the particular option
  • It will ask for the last name and confirmation number, which you will need to fill
  • Click on the continue option, which will be displayed just below the table
  • You can select the flight you want to rebook from the available options.
  • Pay the rebooking charges if required and follow the instructions to rebook your ANA flight.

ANA Rebooking Conditions / Rules and Regulations

  • Rebooking depends upon the currency used during the time of payment.
  • A refund may not be possible outside the country of purchase due to currency restrictions.
  • Refunds made outside Japan may be made by cheque or through anyways, but not in cash.
  • The refund will be made in the local currency, which can change in the respective currency after receiving the amount.
  • They cannot accept the refund request at the airport counters for purchases made with a large sum of cash, including the purchases made in the ANA travel voucher.
  • For further details, call ANA Japan by phone.

Issues faced by passengers with rebooking

A passenger can face any issue while traveling with ANA airlines 

  • A passenger can face a lost baggage issue.
  • They can face flight delay/cancelation issues.
  • They can face the issue regarding the rebooking of the flight tickets
  • They can face the issue of getting a refund in different currency forms.

Solutions for issue caused with rebooking

Every issue has its solution. It is to look after it

  • Lost baggage issues can be claimed through the lost and found section within a specific time.
  • They can resolve flight delay/cancelation issues by asking for a claim
  • They can resolve the rebooking issue by doing so within 24 hours of booking
  • They can resolve the refund issues by asking for it in cheque form.

There is no IVR option available, and the time taken will be 7-days after the ticket is booked.

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