EVA Air Seat Selection

If you are planning to fly with Eva Air and wish to select the right seat for you, it's pretty simple. EVA Air, a popular airline, provides various seat options to ensure a comfortable and beautiful experience. In this blog, you will explore the Eva air seat selection process and other relevant information, such as ticket types, buying options, policies, prices, and other essential points to consider. Stay tuned till the end to have all the information.

Yes, EVA Air allows you to select seats during the booking process and later. The Eva Air seat selection feature is available for Economy Class and Elite Class passengers. You can make your seat selection in advance and secure your preferred location. Besides choosing your seat on EVA Air, follow these steps:

How Can I pick my seat on EVA Air?

  • Visit EVA Air's official website and log in to your account.
  • Locate the booking dashboard and choose the ticket you want to select a seat for
  • Go to the seat selection option on the screen and click on it 
  • Browse through the seat options you have on the seat map 
  • Please choose your preferred seat by selecting it. The system will highlight the seat you have selected 
  • Review your seat selection, and if it applies, proceed to the payment page 
  • Complete the payment procedure, if necessary, to confirm your selection
  • Follow the screen instructions, and you will receive a seat confirmation email soon

What is EVA preferred seats?

EVA Air offers Preferred Seats with additional legroom and enhanced comfort. These seats are placed in specific areas of the plane, and you can select them by paying a fee. If you want more space and convenience throughout the journey, you can opt for preferred seats. Here are further details about Eva Air ticket types and the buying options.

Eva Air Ticket Types and Buying Options:

The airlines offer multiple ticket types, allowing you to choose the one that suits your needs. The ticket types that Eva Air offers include Economy Class, Elite Class, and Royal Laurel/Premium Laurel Class.

The Eva air seat selection options might vary based on ticket type, like more choices available for premium classes. To buy these tickets and select your seats, visit the official website of EVA Air, contact the reservation department over the phone, or use a travel agency.

Do you have to pay for seat selection on EVA Air?

EVA Air provides complimentary seat selection for Economy Class and Elite Class passengers. You can select the seats at no additional cost while booking the ticket online or through the official website of Eva Air. However, remember that the availability of free seat selection might vary based on factors such as ticket type, class of service, and selection timing. Check out Eva Air's selection policy and price highlights to learn more.

Eva Air Seat Selection Policy

EVA Air's seat selection policy depends on the ticket type, class of service, and booking conditions. The airline allows you to choose Preferred Seats, which provide extra legroom and comfort, during the booking or later by paying a fee. Eva Air will assign you a random seat if no selection is made.

The pricing for Preferred Seats is displayed during the Eva air seat selection process. The price of these seats is determined by factors, for example, the flight duration and the popularity of the seat.

Other Points to Consider while choosing the seat

The availability of specific seats varies based on factors such as flight occupancy, aircraft configuration, and ticket type. So Selecting your seat as early as possible is recommended to have more choices.

  • In case you have special requirements, like traveling with infants, senior citizens, or individuals with disabilities, EVA Air provides the required assistance and appropriate seat arrangements. You can contact customer service or note your requirements during the seat selection process.
  • EVA Air facilitates you with online check-in services, through which you can check in and select the seats in advance. You can take advantage of online seat selection features to save time at the airport and enjoy seamless boarding.

EVA Air allows the flexibility to choose the desired seats, enhancing the flying experience. Whether you want additional legroom, proximity to the front, or a window seat, EVA Air's seat selection process allows you to find the perfect spot. Consider the ticket types, seat selection options, policies, and prices while making the decision. Besides, if you have any questions about Eva air seat selection, speak to the airline directly. 

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