How can I get Air Canada to call me back?

How can I get Air Canada to call me back?

Suppose you want to fly to a new city for business work or a vacation with an Air Canada flight and try reaching out to the customer service team for bookings, but they are unable to assist you at that time. Then we suggest you request a callback from the officials. Do you know How can I get Air Canada to call me back? On the following mediums, one can request a callback:

  • Customer Care Number
  • Callback Form
  • Live Chat
  • Social Media

How do I get a callback from Air Canada?

If you are looking for the procedure to send a request for a callback at Air Canada, then below the entire process of different mediums is mentioned:

How can I get someone to call me back at Air Canada Customer Care Number

Dial their customer service number, and you will get an option on their IVR to skip the hold time and request a callback from their official. Air Canada has provided the option for the convenience of the customers and reduces the volume of customer service. Follow the below instructions to send a callback request by calling:

  • Dial the contact number 000 8000 401 1885,
  • Press 1 to change the IVR language,
  • Press 2 to listen to the IVR Menu on the default language,
  • Press 3 for the booking inquiry,
  • Press 4 for booking cancellation requests,
  • Press 5 to connect with Air Canada officials,
  • Press 6 to send a callback request to Air Canada.

How do I get a Callback from Air Canada directly through Callback Form

You can fill out an Air Canada Airlines callback form to get an official call at your selected time. The callback form can be filled for any request from the official and to ask flight related questions. Below is the callback form filling process that the customer must follow:

  • Head to Air Canada's website on your device,
  • Go to the Customer Support page,
  • Click on "Send Callback Request" on the page,
  • Now, select your reason for the callback,
  • Give the name, contact number & email address on the callback form,
  • Select your preferred date & time to receive a call from the official,
  • Add your query precisely on the callback form and tap the Submit Request button.

How do I get Air Canada callback through Live Chat

One can connect with an official on a virtual platform and then request a callback on their query or help from the assisted person. The assisted person might ask why you need calling assistance and then take your phone number with the preferred timing for providing the required assistance. Send Air Canada Airlines callback request via live chat with the below steps:

  • Open the Air Canada site and log in with your account,
  • Click on the Customer Support button,
  • Tap the Live Chat option on the support page,
  • Send a "Callback" text on the Live chat,
  • Provide the details assisted person asked for,
  • And your callback request will be submitted to Air Canada officials.

Get connected via Air Canada Social Media

We are well aware of social media sites and know how convenient and quick it is. If you wish to get immediate assistance from Air Canada and are unable to connect on the call, then message them directly and request a callback for the needful assistance. Within the given steps, you can ask for a callback on social media:

  • Open the Air Canada Contact & Support page,
  • Look for the Social Media Icons at the end of the page,
  • Tap on an icon you like to connect with Air Canada officials,
  • Then send your callback request along with your contact number and description of the query.
  • Read the procedure of all the available platforms and use which best suits you, and send Air Canada Airlines callback requests with ease. 

Air Canada Callback Policy

  • If human assistance is very important and urgent and your call is unable to connect with Air Canada, then only send your request for a callback to the customer support team.
  • Use the frequent flying number to get preference at Air Canada to solve your issue.
  • Join a premium membership at Air Canada to get special care while contacting or flying with them.
  • Officials can help you with booking related queries, cancellation of an unwanted booking, rescheduling flights, claiming compensation, or other issues concerning Air Canada.
  • Mention the correct contact numbers at the time of sending callback requests.
  • Clearly provide the description of your query on the callback request to get a concerned person for your help.
  • Choose a suitable time for a callback so that you can talk effectively with Air Canada officials without hindrances.
  • In case you miss the call from the Air Canada official, then you will be required to send the request again.
  • All the other platforms are equally effective at acquiring information at Air Canada.
  • Avoid sending multiple callback requests to the customer support team from different mediums.
  • The above points you can consider before sending a callback request to Air Canada customer service and receiving the help & support you need from the official team
How long does it take for Air Canada to reply?

  • Air Canada's response time depends upon the medium and availability of officials when you reach out to them. 
  • On average, they took a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 90 minutes to connect on the call.
  • Live assistance is pretty quick and gets you the assistance at the moment you open the live chat,
  • Emails at Air Canada take 24-48 hours for a reply. 
  • Connecting on the social media of Air Canada is also very quick for getting help & support.

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