Can I fly to Japan from Mexico?

Can I fly to Japan from Mexico? 

The recent Covid pandemic had almost halted the whole tourism and travel sector worldwide, and various nations had adopted transient travel restrictions to keep their mainland safe from any further infection. However, with the decline in Covid infections in the past few months, air travel has become more free-flowing, and countries have shunned the Covid regulations, allowing free passage to travelers.

People can now travel from Japan to Mexico as both countries have almost diminished their restrictions. 

Mexican authorities don’t need any further covid documents to let flyers in, and one can travel with Japan airlines to Mexico 1800 102 4135 without Covid vaccine reports, test status, or Covid history anymore.

What Airline flies directly to Mexico?

Japan Airlines flies directly to Mexico, and one can book a reservation with this airline to get a straight passage to the Mexican border immediately from Japan. There are other options available like Aeromar and American Airlines too, but Japan Airlines provides the best and regular flights, which can help at a lot of places by reducing the ticket price and making alternate flight options available in case of flight delays and other emergencies.

How many hours travel from Japan to Mexico?

One has to cross the whole stretch of the Pacific Ocean to get to Mexico from Japan. Needless to say, it’s not a short journey per se. On average, a straight flight from Japan to Mexico will have an estimated flying time of 12 hours to 14 hours. The straight flights of Japan Airlines to Mexico also take a time of 12 hours 40 mins which is just within the general time for any flight.

How to Book A Japan Airline flight to Mexico

  • One can open the Japan Airline homepage and click on “Book Flight.”
  • Begin by selecting the various flight parameters like the trip type, the date, destination, the origin of the flight, and the number of passengers.
  • Search for flights and choose the most suitable flying option and select the seats for each of the passengers.
  • State the details of each of the passengers and choose the onboard services for the flight, and continue.
  • Next, confirm the flight booking by paying the charges of the reservation.
  • An email will affirm the successful flight booking and will also contain all the important information about the flight reservation.
  • One can also call the Japan Airline customer service by dialing their customer care helpline: 1800 102 4135 to book a reservation.

One can also contact Japan airlines through the other options of Live chat, Social media, and email, as detailed on the Japan Airlines website. Japan Airlines also has a mobile application that can also be used to book a Japan Airlines flight reservation.

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