How to choose seats with Qatar Airways?

How to choose seats with Qatar Airways?

If you are traveling with your friends and family or want to enjoy a comfortable ride, then you must choose your seat. You can easily select your seat as per your choice from Qatar Airways seat selection through the official webpage or the mobile app. Picking a seat before the flight departure is better than traveling on any random seat assigned because you may end up in a seat with much less leg space. If you want more information on seat selection, you can read the airline policy or contact customer service, and they will tell you the answer to your problem.

If you want to select your seat on Qatar Airways, then it is not a complicated process; you can choose it through different methods. You can select your seat through the official website and Kiosk machine directly from the airport. If you want to know about the steps and process, then read the given information:

Qatar Airways seat selection through the official website 

If you have skipped the seat selection when making the reservation, you can also select the seat at check-in. The airline allows check-in 48 hours before the departure through the online process. Make the check-in and easily choose your seat. Here are the steps through which you can select your seat online:

  • Visit Qatar Airways mobile app or the official website “” on any browser.
  • Click on the “My trips” section.
  • Type your “Booking reference number” and “Last name.”
  • Tap on the “Check-in” option from the menu.
  • Select the necessary details from the options.
  • Then you have to select the seat as per the availability.
  • After that, you will get a message in your email regarding your ticket details.

Qatar Airways seat selection through Kiosk

If you do not understand or face any problem selecting your seat through the official website, then no problem, as you can choose it through the Kiosk machine. A Kiosk is a machine that is available at every airport. You enter your ticket information and make your check-in process, and then you can select from all the available seats. This method saves you time from the long check-in line at the airport. 

Qatar Airways seat selection policy

If you are thinking of selecting or changing your seat with the airline, then you can read Qatar Airways seat selection policy to know about the terms and conditions of the airline to choose a better or preferred seat. The following are the points from the policy regarding seat selection:                                        

  • Seat selection depends on the availability of seats. 
  • Premium passengers always get priority over seats. 
  • If the passenger has the boarding pass, they cannot change their seat.
  • The passenger must pay extra money for some preferred and additional legroom seats.
  • If the passenger wants to book an exit row seat, they must provide documents and fulfill some terms and conditions.
  • You are not allowed to book an extra seat for your pet. 

What are the best seats in Qatar economy? 

If you are traveling to any particular destination with Qatar Airways but are not sure which is the best to enjoy a comfortable ride, then the best seats in the airline are window/aisle and the front row seat. If you are traveling to a short destination, you might want an aisle seat in the front row so that you can quickly debark the plane on arrival.

Cost to select your seat on Qatar Airways 

Suppose you have made a reservation on any Economy (convenience or comfort) airline class. In that case, Qatar Airways seat selection is free, and you can select any seat as per your choice. However, for extra legroom seats and some preferred seats, you have to pay some amount. If you have made a reservation for Economy (classic), And if you do not select any seat, then there is a high chance that the airline will automatically assign you a middle seat.

How long can you select your seat? 

Qatar Airlines allows you to select your seat 48 hours before the flight departure through the online check-in option, which is available at the official website or the mobile app. You just have to enter your flight details, and you can select your seat after you check-in. The airline allows you up to 4 hours to choose it. If you make your check in through the airport, then you can select your seat until there are 3 hours left for departure.

Hopefully, you now understand everything about Qatar Airways seat selection process, policy, and cost. Still, if you want further information, then contact the airline on their customer service number +1 (877) 777-2827, and a representative will assist you, or you can read the airline policy from the official website.

Other methods to select your seat on Qatar Airways 

If you are not able to choose your seat through the online method or Kiosk, then there is still an option left through which you can select your seat from the airport. Go to the check-in desk at the airport, make your check-in then you will be able to choose your seat. If you want your preferred seat, you are advised to check in early as more seats are available.

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