How do I avoid processing fee AirAsia?

How do I avoid processing fee AirAsia?   

A processing fee is a charge that Air Asia applies during booking. It is related to the administrative, development, and maintenance costs of the Air Asia online system. You need to pay the processing fee during the initial payment for a new ticket or flight change through Manage booking options online The princess fee of Airasia is non-refundable.

Air Asia charges processing fees to provide a safe and comfortable online booking environment. If you wonder how to avoid the AirAsia processing fee, you can follow some best tips below.

Why does AirAsia have a processing fee?

AirAsia charges processing fees, making your online experience more comfortable and safe. The airline regularly invests in expanding, upgrading, and maintaining the online system, which is why it charges a processing fee. However, if your point of origin or destination is Malaysia, you don't need to pay the processing fee.

Tips to avoid AirAsia processing fee

Select no thanks to travel insurance call US- 1(802)308-3150 

If you need travel insurance you can go for it. However, if you already have travel insurance, make sure you say no thanks to travel insurance. AirAsia provides two options for the insurance opt-in process during booking. You can scroll down at the bottom of guest details and follow one of these methods.

Method 1: click the box that states 'No thank you, I would like to proceed with travel insurance' and then click on Ok when a pop-up appears.

Method 2: Don't click the yes box; cancel and then click ok when the pop-up appears.

Choose 'no baggage' or 'no thanks.

When you reach the guest details section after selecting a flight, you get an option to enter travel details and select the add-ons. Here locate the checked baggage menu. The field is default set at 'checked-in baggage 20 kg', which charges around 27AUD.

So if you don't want to proceed with the checked bags option, you can click on the tab 'no thanks' or choose 'no checked bag.'

Skip payment processing charges

To avoid the payment process fee, you can opt for the following payment options. 

  • Pay via a Big VISA credit card because other credit and debit cards will charge you a processing fee.
  • You can also pay using direct debit through the PayPal account.

Stay away from the seat selection fee.

Seats are another category that charges the processing fee during booking in AirAsia. Remember that pre-select 'hot seats' comes with a charge of around 10 AUD, whereas standard seats cost around 3-4 AUD. So if you are not too picky, you can scroll down the page and click the button 'Confirm.'

So using these options, you can avoid the processing fee in Air Asia anytime. Besides, you can always speak to the Air Asia team for additional information or support.

Use of processing fee

  • The processing fee provides you with a comfortable and safe booking experience. 
  • It is used to broaden, modify and maintain the AirAsia online system.
  • Using processing fee AirAsia update, enhance and boost the security features for safe browsing.

Other points to consider regarding the processing fee

  • It is a charge related to maintenance and ongoing administrative and development costs for the Air Asia online system. 
  • Air Asia collects it during the initial payment for new bookings or flight changes through Manage Bookings. The fee is non-refundable. 
  • AirAsia charges a processing fee per passenger per way, and that is why you need to pay double if you have a round trip and Multiply by the number of passengers traveling.
  • The processing fee AirAsia charges starts from RM4 for direct debit card transactions; however, call 1(802)308-3150 and it varies from destination to destination and is more for an overseas destination.
  • The airline has eliminated the processing fee if you purchase a new ticket via or the mobile app. However, this is applicable for booking to /from Malaysia. The exception here is international fly-thru flights that transit in Malaysia.
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