Air Arabia ticket booking

Traveling by air Transport could put one in a confusing position because of ample services. One of the common areas of uncertainty is choosing from fare options. An airline provides various ticket options, and each has a distinct feature. So picking one of those according to a requirement is quite a heavy task. Likewise, when you have prepared your traveling plan with Air Arabia, also you could get to choose from its multiple ticket options.

There are distinct modes to purchase a ticket from an airline, and you can gain information related to those by reading at the bottom.

How to book Air Arabia ticket by phone?

When you do not wish to carry out any lengthy procedure for an Air Arabia ticket booking, then take aid with customer service over call. You can dial its phone number, 600508001, and then choose a preferred language from the IVR. Afterward, pick an option from the second recorded message, such as:-

  • Press1 to buy a flight ticket
  • Press4 for a baggage claim 
  • Press7 for special assistance 
  • Press0 to contact customer service

How to book Air Arabia ticket Online?

When you make an over-call booking, you may be charged extra for the same, but it could be avoided by choosing an online mode. However, the clues related to Air Arabia ticket booking have been elaborated at the bottom:-

  • Get to Air Arabia's official web page
  • Later on, click on the plan icon and choose Book a Flight options
  • Further, enter your flight details and choose a date of travel.
  • Now, choose a fare type and click on the Continue icon
  • Afterward, you enter every passenger's details and click on the next icon.
  • Then, make the payment with the available sources and then click on the finish icon.
  • And then, an approval message could be received in your registered email and phone number.

Air Arabia flight ticket details

You can locate tickets like lite, basic, value, and extra options on Air Arabia. Moreover, you can acknowledge the details about those from underneath.

Air Arabia Lite: One of the cheapest Air Arabia ticket booking options is lite fare, and the information about its provision has been elaborated at the bottom:-

  • The cost could be around $200.
  • You may take personal item bags for free. Those have to fit under the front seat. 
  • A carry-on bag of 10 kg is permitted, but you have to pay a fee. And an additional fee for checked bags could also be applied.
  • You may have to bear an extra sum for seats, meals, and modifications.  
  • Now, cancellation is permitted.

Air Arabia Basic: This fare is an upgrade class of lite fare, and conditions for this are raised at the bottom:-

  • You may have to pay $240.
  • Carry-on bags of up to 10 kg and a piece of small luggage.
  • But you get to pay for checked bags as per destinations.
  • You may get to pay extra for including meals and seats or modify the itinerary.
  • You may have to pay cancellation charges.

Air Arabia Value: When you wish to book this fare for a traveling experience, then you can get features such as this:-

  • It is available with an estimated price of $280
  • A small personal item bag with a bag of 10 kg could be brought without any charges.
  • A checked bag of 20 kg is also included in the itinerary. 
  • You can add meals and seats for free too. 
  • Up to 2 modifications could be performed without any charges. 
  • An extra cost is applied for bringing more bags than permitted.
  • You are eligible to cancel free up to 8 hours of flight departure, and within that period, you may have a penalty.

Air Arabia Extra: There are also some statutory provisions for purchasing this fare, and detailed information regarding those has been mentioned at the bottom.

  • The price for this fare could be $350
  • A personal item with carry-on bags of weight 10 kg could be permitted to be brought for free on a flight. But it has to be fixed in the overhead bin or under the front seat.
  • You can also carry checked bags weighing 25 kg for free. 
  • A meal, seat, and two modifications could be conducted without paying an extra cost.
  • There could be extra charges for additional checked bags. 
  • A cancellation within 8 hours is permissible free of cost, and a full refund could be issued.

Furthermore, you can have sufficient details related to the Air Arabia ticket booking procedure and fare availability. But this fare condition could be varied upon your traveling routes. So choose an option as per requirement. If you get into any sort of confusion, then reach out to its customer service team.

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