Air Arabia Seat Selection

If you are planning a trip with Air Arabia, which is a leading low-cost carrier in the Middle East, you must be wondering about the seat selection options available. Choosing the right seat always enhances our travel experience, comfort, and convenience throughout the journey. This blog will explore the Air Arabia seat selection process, ticket types, and related essential details; walk through it to stay updated about the topic and enjoy your trip.

Air Arabia ticket types

The airlines offer different ticket types to serve various travel needs and budgets of passengers. Besides the types vary based on the route and destinations you are flying to in general, the ticket types include:

Economy Class: Air Serbia's Economy Class is the standard ticket type available for most passengers. It facilitates a comfortable and affordable travel experience with features such as complimentary meals and beverages, in-flight entertainment, baggage allowance, etc. 

Business Class: Air Serbia's Business Class facilitates a premium travel experience with enhanced comfort, privacy, and premium services. If you travel in Business Class, you can enjoy benefits like priority check-in, boarding, gourmet meals, access to airport lounges, spacious and comfortable seating, and an increased baggage allowance.

How do I select a seat on Air Arabia?

If you are looking forward a convenient way for Air Arabia seat selection, here is the simple process you should follow:

  • Visit the Air Arabia website or the mobile app.
  • Go to the My Reservation on top and click on it 
  • Enter the booking reference code and surname and click on 'Find my booking.' 
  • Select the ticket you want to choose a seat for, and click on 'Choose a seat.'
  • From the 'Seat Map' select the preferred seat you want to book
  • Pay for the seats you have selected and follow the prompt to complete the procedure 
  • You will soon get a confirmation mail to your registered email id
  • If you wish to purchase Air Serbia tickets, here are the different buying options available to you:

Official Website: Get on Air Arabia's official website ( and navigate to the "Book" section. Provide the booking details required, and you can follow the prompt to make your reservation. 

Mobile App: Download the Air Arabia mobile app on the phone, available for both iOS and Android devices, and you can enjoy a seamless booking experience.

Customer Service: Contact Air Arabia's customer service number at 0800 111 528 for assistance in booking your ticket over the phone.

At the airport: Meet in person at the Air Serbia ticket counter, and you can buy your ticket from there. Ensure to carry all the documents.

Air Serbia Seat Selection Policy:

  • Like other Airlines, Air Arabia also allows you to select seats during the booking process. However, certain conditions and fees might apply.
  • You can also select seats after booking, via My Reservation, during check-in, and at the airport before departure. 
  • If you have Extra Fare and Extra Plus Fare tickets, you can also select the seats free of charge. Whereas for Value Fare tickets, you need to choose the preferred seats by paying an additional fee during the booking process.
  • If you choose seats for group bookings, the seat selection might be subject to availability and additional charges.

Air Serbia seat selection fee

The price for Air Arabia seat selection varies depending on the ticket type and your trip route. Generally, the seat selection cost is lower if you opt for the Extra Fare or Extra Plus Fare tickets, which include complimentary seats. However, passengers with Value Fare tickets must pay an additional fee to choose a seat during the booking process.

Other Points to Consider While Seat Selection

  • If you wish to secure a preferred seat, booking your flight and selecting the seat as early as possible, especially during peak seasons, is recommended.
  • While Air Arabia aims to accommodate passenger seat preferences, you should remember that seat availability is subject to demand and may vary accordingly. 
  • Air Arabia offers various seat types, including standard seats and seats with extra legroom. Additional charges may apply for seats with extra legroom.

By reading the detailed information above, hopefully, you are clear about the Air Arabia seat selection process, policy, ticket options, prices, and other related topics explained above. If you still require additional information, you can either visit the official website of Air Service or check out the seat selection page. Moreover, you can also talk to the Air Serbia representative for additional information and other details. 

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