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Japan airlines international travel requirements

Japan airlines international travel requirements

Know about Japan airlines international travel requirements and restrictions

After the Covid-19 pandemic hit people globally, there were many restrictions for traveling worldwide. Many airlines had many restrictions and rules for traveling. Japan Airlines also have many requirements for their passengers to travel. Many passengers have doubts about what restrictions and rules JAL has for their passengers. Some of the japan airlines international travel requirements are as follows:

Carrying on and checking in with disinfectants products

To prevent germs and infections, passengers must take disinfectant products, including alcohol-based products, liquids, sprays, and gels. Other products like toiletry articles or medicines are allowed passengers to take on the flight. 

Request for less carry-on baggage

The airline's staff requests passengers to avoid crowds at the airport and minimize their baggage. Passengers need to carry a Self Baggage Drop to reduce contact with the staff. They are also required to avoid congestion when storing or removing carry-on baggage. Passengers are told to keep the size and number of baggage within the limit required by the airline, and they are told to keep it by themselves. 

The necessity of wearing a mask

Passengers are required to wear a mask while traveling with the airline. There were many levels when the passengers needed to take care of the safety measurements:

Entry at the airport

Passengers are not allowed to enter the airport without masks. It is essential to wear masks while entering the airport. Using sanitizer, keeping a social distance are also required by the passengers. They should also have their vaccination certificates and negative test results to travel to their favorite destination. For more detailed about Japan airlines international travel requirements traveler can also call the support staff.

Onboarding the flight

During boarding, passengers are not allowed to enter, making crowds. They should follow the safety measure of covid and maintain social distance with fellow passengers and the airport staff. Carry the documentation related to the vaccine and tests. 

On Board

Passengers are required to wear masks. Only FFP masks without a valve are allowed, which should be changed after every hour. Passengers need to keep extra masks. Exceptions are made for children below the age of 2 years. Passengers need to talk less with their fellow passengers to avoid infection spreading. They should remain in their seats. Roaming without any reason is prohibited. Frequently sanitizing hands is also important. They should flush the toilet by keeping the lid closed. On leaving, passengers should keep social distance. 

Rules related to covid test and Isolation:

Covid test is required while traveling with the airline. The result of the test conducted should be Negative. The test should be done before 72 hours of the flight's departure. Only tests like Nasopharyngeal and Oropharyngeal swabs are accepted as valid by the JAL. If the passenger has not done their covid test, the airport can provide the covid test. Passengers have to take a test if the passenger is covid positive. They will be isolated safely for the next two weeks. Covid test is also required after reaching the destination. Passengers have to take their test. If they are covid positive, they will be kept in an isolation or quarantine ward provided by the airport or airline. Fellow passengers who were in contact with them will be kept in isolation to prevent spreading infection. Here travelers will get available information for Japan airlines international travel requirements easily anytime.   

After arriving at their destinations:

Passengers are required not to go outside for at least a week. They are requested not to use public transports, interact with residents and roam around the city.

These rules mentioned above and regulations are required by Japan Airlines. The airline staff especially tells the passengers about following all the regulations and bringing the traveling requirements asked by the airlines for international flights.

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